Litter of 3.

A mystical ethereal beast with a shaggy multi-coloured coat and quartz stalactite horns.

Bodies are subtle shades of cream, warm yellow, turquoise blue, green and grey shading to pink on the feet. Toes are turquoise blue to match the spots on their legs. Their coats have patches of orange, pink, green and blue, with a pale blue forelock and cream coloured tufty tails. Their horns have pale shades of orange, pink, green blue and grey and the quartz they carry has a slight peach hue.

Stonehorns have violet eyes. They each stand approximately 14″ tall, 6″ wide, 12″ long and weigh about 425 grams each

About the Secret Nest Creatures

These sculptures are hand made limited edition "litters".  Each type of animal is only created once, and the number of animals in each litter is very small. Within each group there are variations in faces, colouring, and features.


Bodies are felted wool with glass beads for weighting. Heads, horns, nails, etc are made by hand with various modelling clays that have been painted and varnished.


Imaginary Animal Sculptures


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