Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkeys

Litter of 3.

Did you fall for the ad in the back of the comic books? Or maybe the box at Toys’r’Us? The ad with the intriguing and mysterious pink characters with gills and stalks on their heads? I fell for that one hard. Sure, I read the fine print that said the “characters shown not intended to depict Artemia”, but what the heck was Artemia anyhow?
I sent off my money and waited and waited for my new pets to arrive in the mail.

I was so ready to make a loving home for my Sea Monkeys. They were trainable and eager to please. The ad said so! I was going to spend hours each day with them. They would know so many commands. They would be the envy of Sea Monkeys everywhere. The whole family by this time knew about my eager anticipation. The result was an utterly disappointing jar of teeny tiny beige brine shrimp.
Today, I am righting the wrongs of the Sea Monkey fiasco with the glorious creatures you see here. They are weird. They are wonderful. They are the Real Sea Monkeys.

Bodies are in shades of pink and yellow.
Sea Monkeys has 7 turquoise eyes with black pupils. They are each about 9.5″ tall, 5.5″ wide and 7″ long.

About the Secret Nest Creatures

These sculptures are hand made limited edition "litters".  Each type of animal is only created once, and the number of animals in each litter is very small. Within each group there are variations in faces, colouring, and features.


Bodies are felted wool with glass beads for weighting. Heads, horns, nails, etc are made by hand with various modelling clays that have been painted and varnished.


Imaginary Animal Sculptures


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