Karina Kalvaitis imaginary animals - all rights reserved 2019

Weather Makers

Weather Makers – Litter of 3

A woolly imaginary animal with a cloud-like horn. These felt and mixed media creatures are made in small “litters”. There are 3 Weather Maker sculptures total.

Bodies are grey-blue shading to creamy white on the legs. Manes and horn puffs are white tipped with turquoise/grey. Horns and nails are shades of grey/brown. Ears are warm white with a touch of beige on the outside and soft pink on the inside. Tails are long with a small white tuft.

Each approximately 11″ tall.



Celestial Lambs

Celestial Lambs – Litter of 5

Needle felted and mixed media imaginary animal sculptures. Each approximately 8″ tall. Wooly lambs with kunzite and rose quartz gemstones in a crown of fuzzy horns.



Sparks – Litter of 5

Needle felted and mixed media imaginary animal sculptures with an orchid-like horn. Each approximately 12″ tall including horn.


Winter Beasts

Winter Beasts – Litter of 3

Mixed media needle felted sculptures. Snow loving beasts with curled snowball topped horns and snow encrusted feet. These creatures are always hoping snowflakes will fall.

Each is approximately 9″ high x 5″ wide x 8″ long.

Sea Horse

Sea Horse – Litter of 4

Each approximately 7″ high, 6″ wide and 9″ long. Weighing about 400 grams/ 14 ounces. Edition of 4. The first in the litter is seated, the last 3 have wave-like bodies.



Reverie (Nocturnal Spotted Lamb) – Litter of 5

The Reverie Lambs have a curling horn with a starburst like detail at the end. Each approximately 10″ high, 4″ wide and 8″ long. Edition of 5.


Buffalump - animal metamorphosis sculpture - Karina Kalvaitis


Metamorphosis (Buffalump) – Litter of 5

I tend to use animal hybrids to depict and explore states of mind. Metamorphosis explores that in-between time when internal changes are happening though outwardly there is little movement. Consider a cocoon or a plant bulb, the end results of the changes within are life-altering and unstoppable. Some life changes can feel like this, we feel a sense of dormancy, even as everything is changing and re-arranging within.

This sculpture was inspired by my drawing of the same name.

Each approximately 8.5″ long, 6″ wide and 5″ tall. Weight about 400 grams. Edition of 5.