Hopeful Monsters

Hopeful Monsters – Litter of 6

Blue/grey creatures white curly chest hair. These awkward and lovable animals have flippers, pink elephant-like noses and large ears.

Felt and mixed media limited edition sculptures. Edition of 6.


Buffalump - animal metamorphosis sculpture - Karina Kalvaitis


Metamorphosis (Buffalump) – Litter of 5

I tend to use animal hybrids to depict and explore states of mind. Metamorphosis explores that in-between time when internal changes are happening though outwardly there is little movement. Consider a cocoon or a plant bulb, the end results of the changes within are life-altering and unstoppable. Some life changes can feel like this, we feel a sense of dormancy, even as everything is changing and re-arranging within.

This sculpture was inspired by my drawing of the same name.

Each approximately 8.5″ long, 6″ wide and 5″ tall. Weight about 400 grams. Edition of 5.

Northern Unicorn Litter of 7

Northern Unicorns

Northern Unicorns – Litter of 7

Felt and mixed media magical imaginary animals. Each approximately 8″ tall.