Age of the Unseen World


Arc.hive Artist Run Centre 2516 Bridge Street, Victoria, B.C. Canada 


This series of felt and mixed media sculptures of imaginary animals are created in small limited edition “litters”, with each sculpture being unique enough to have its own personality. Created by hybridizing features from various animals and sometimes plants, they create a world of creatures that are both familiar and strange. This show will bring together both new work and at least one of every type of creature I have made since I began this collection.


These silently expressive oddballs act as metaphors for our own states of mind, conveying stoicism, happiness, uncertainty, wonder. They reveal all; their vulnerability as well as a certain sense of hopefulness. Like people without the armor of artifice and culture, they nakedly engage with the world in ways that are beautiful, awkward and loveable.


The diversity of shapes, textures, colours and wild combinations of features that already exist in nature were a rich source of inspiration, both for the forms, but also for the sense of other realities. Around us, plants, animals and insects go largely unobserved and live lives that are unknown to us. Like the imagined places of childhood that can be reached through a magic portal there are fantastical worlds that can be reached if one knows where to look.


I majored in sculpture at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and studied theatre prop building at the Banff Centre.

My studio is at the Arc•hive Artist Run Centre in Victoria, BC, Canada.